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The INCO Academy offers fully funded online training scholarships designed to get you on the way to your first role in tech.

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At our intensive online bootcamps, you'll learn the skills, tools and mindsets and meet the employers and mentors required to break into one of Ireland's fastest growing industries.

Technical Skills
Pro Mindset
Peer Learning
Career Planning

Get Into Tech

Duration: 5 weeks
Commitment: Full-time

A primer course to discover about the opportunities in the tech industry and understand where you fit into it. Design and build your first website, and learn some basic code.

Booked out

Duration: 14 weeks
Commitment: Full-time
Prerequisite: Get Into Tech

Curious about the world of web development? This course will take you from beginner to advanced in Javascript, developing your professional skills along the way.


Who are INCO?

INCO Ireland is a member of the family. We are leading social and environmental impact change through our work in 35 cities around the world.

Our belief is that innovation and technology are key to reducing economic inequalities and ending social exclusion. We provide free training to people from all walks of life interested in working in the tech industry.

Why should I do an INCO Academy course?

INCO Academy’s training programs are meant for anyone with curiosity and a desire to learn - there are no fees or qualifications required to join our programmes.

Our experience has shown that students join our online classrooms from the following situations. Do any of these sound like you?

What are my career prospects?

The employment landscape in the tech and digital sectors is ever-changing. With this comes great opportunity for those equipped with 21st century skills.

Graduates of our overseas programmes now work as:

We want everyone to be able to step foot in this fast growing industry where the average salary is €62,000.


What do our graduates have to say?


This Bootcamp was one of the best experiences I had this year. I could collect a lot of new skills and hands-on experience, and met really amazing and smart people.



My biggest challenge in Ireland! Because of this experience living and studying in another country I had a unique chance to learn about different topics in such a short time. Until the moment it was my biggest challenge, but I am in the new projects and pretty soon I’ll share the challenges that are coming up.



The world is teeming with varieties of people from different walks of life, cultures, and beliefs. I learnt to share my knowledge and my experience with others.

I gained sharp listening, communication skills and critical thinking skills in relation to workplace philosophy, employee/employer relationship and mainly the recruiting process.

I feel confident now about creating a brand, portfolio, CV; basically, I have a clear idea of what to do next


The biggest challenge of my life. Thank you INCO Academy for giving me a scholarship and the opportunity to complete your fantastic 4-week online bootcamp! With no prior knowledge or experience in IT or web design; the course has taught how to develop a website using Wordpress, HTML, CSS, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and so much more!

I loved every bit of the journey and hope to up-skill using what I've learned to grow my business endeavours in the future.

Highly recommend Inco Academy's 'Get into Tech' bootcamp to anyone looking to up-skill in order to help their business/career goals in general!



I learned HTML, CSS, WordPress. I had no idea about WordPress before and I know bits of HTML and CSS but never create a website before using these.

This course helps me to come out of my shell and start exploring. Now I am can make website comfortably with WordPress


It was my first time studying online, learning and working remotely. The experience of meeting experts, working together on line was amazing. Now I am capable of design and create a professional website as a web developer.



I feel proud to share this certificate of completion for this brilliant "Full stack developer" course that kept me occupied during the lockdown.

This program is run by INCO and provides an amazing opportunity to get a complete hands on experience, and as part of which I built my first web app, and eventually worked on 9 different projects. I am glad I found this amazing team at INCO who helped me through this course.

Cheers to all my batch mates. Congratulations!!!



I would love to thank Emily Glen and Lorcan Blake for offering me an amazing Bootcamp experience and for sharing their knowledge and experience throughout this course. I'm excited to use my new skills in Web developer, SEO, Wordpress, HTML and CSS!

I was very happy to learn new technologies and to be able to contribute to projects and offer an excellent experience to customers. Congratulations on offering this course to the community, it was really amazing!



Just finished this one month online bootcamp with INCO. It was a challenging and rewarding course with really good content, materials and support.

I learned about myself that I am still able to study new things and I can work with people from different background than mine. I learned that I was easy to adapt to others during the group work. I learned about the world, that I am not the middle of it and there are other human beings with different priorities; cultural & ethical background.

I learned that online learning with good support can be fun, easy and rewarding.



Another great experience. Thank you INCO Academy for the opportunity!



I had never participated in a Bootcamp before. It was an intense four weeks with various activities and missions.

I had several setbacks with the unstable internet, but at no time did I think of giving up.

Congratulations, Emily Glen for this fantastic course from Inco Academy. Lorcan Blake you are an incredible teacher. Bhavani was also very supportive. Many thanks to the entire team and classmates. I am so grateful for this opportunity! I really recommend!