Our INCODE course is a fully funded online course designed to get you on your way from a beginner programmer to an employable junior web developer in 3 months.


Learn the most popular web development language, JavaScript, along with in-demand frameworks and the soft skills required to land your first role in Ireland.

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financial barriers

INCO Academy provides equitable access to the highest growth digital careers through our fully funded training programs. As a registered not-for-profit, our mission is to remove the financial burden for the next generation of aspiring tech professionals no matter their background.

Develop a coding foundation

Build or strengthen your foundations in Front and Back End Development, two of the most in demand areas in the tech industry.

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Hands-on projects

Develop a marketable portfolio from hands-on projects, built by you and reviewed and vetted by an expert developer.

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Get exclusive job opportunities

Plug in to our ever growing network of tech companies looking for both experience and junior talent to power their growth.


Hard skills

01. Various frameworks

Learn JavaScript syntax and programming basics, jQuery, Express, NodeJS, Ajax

02. Back End

Learn database creation and requesting, API requesting, unit and integration testing

03. Front End

Responsive design, HTML5, CSS3, React and React Native

04. Portfolio building

Develop your portfolio using collaborative coding platforms such as Git and GitHub

Soft skills

01. Interview skills

Develop interview skills relevant to landing a job as a Web Developer

02. Networking

Gain networking experience through conversations with our mentors

03. Personal Branding

Learn about personal branding and how to use LinkedIn effectively

04. Collaborate

Work in a highly collaborative environment, reflective of a real workplace


Key Info

Start date: Spring 2021

Length: 3 months

Commitment: Full-time

Cost: Fully funded scholarships

Our Process


Apply to Your Chosen Course

We only require a name, number and email address

(2 Minutes)


Attend One of Our Info Sessions

We will send you an email with the time and date of the info session which will highlight the details of the course. Don't worry this isn't an interview, the info session usually has around 50-60 people attending

(30 Minutes)

Complete an Application Form

This form will be emailed to you after attending the info session to determine if you are eligible to participate in the course

(5-10 Minutes)


Complete a Short Technical Assessment

Don't worry, this assessment is just to see if you and your skills are the right fit for the course

(30 Minutes)

Meet the team


Emily Glen

Head of INCO Academy Ireland


Lorcan Blake

Lead Instructor


Douglas Salvagni

Program Coordinator

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